Nos Franchises

  • Close-up portrait of a cat and dog

  • We often refer to our Franchisees as the Scoopy Doo Poop Patrol.  Our Franchisees are all avid animal lovers and we all have pets, or as we like to call them, our children.  Because we love our pets so much, we take the necessary steps to protect your pets from diseases  that can be transferred from one yard to the next if tools and footwear are not properly cleaned between each visit.  This is why we do not use typical household cleaners, we use vet approved cleaning solutions to help ensure against the spread of viruses and worms.

    Click on your local franchisee page and learn more about your local Poop Patrol and what other products and services they may offer.  If you do not find anyone servicing your neighbourhood yet, perhaps there is an opportunity for you to join Scoopy Doo!  Just fill out our online request for information and someone will contact you in the next couple of days!

Close-up portrait of a cat and dog