Litter box Service

Cat_litter_box_serviceScoopy Doo provides a full litter box service, keeping your cat’s litter box clean and fresh. We actually provide the litter so you never need to buy any!  Our service is simple and convenient. You don’t even need to be home! On the day of your scheduled cleaning, put down your clean, deodorized & disinfected litter box(es) for your cats to use. Place the dirty litter box(es) outside for us to clean.  We completely disinfect and deodorize each litter box every time and supply you with a cover to keep contents dry and fresh.  We also provide you with some fresh litter in case you need to add in between visits.
Reasons to Purr!
  • No more cleaning litter boxes
  • No more buying litter
  • No more lifting heavy bags
  • You never have to be home
  • We never need to go into your home

 Now what are you waiting for?  Fill in our request for service at the bottom of this page, call us or email us to take one more chore off your list of things to do!!

FAQs about Scoopy Doo’s Litter Box Service

How many litter boxes will I need for the service?

If you provide one litter box for your cat, you will need an extra one to put out for your cat while we clean the dirty one. If you have two litter boxes out at once, you will need four for the service (two clean ones to put out for your cats on your service day while the other two dirty boxes are being cleaned, deodorized, and sanitized.)

Do you need access into my home?

No. We do not enter your home to provide our service so there is no need to be home when we come by to clean. Simply leave your dirty litter box in a convenient area outside. Our litter boxes all have covers so even if it is raining or snowing, the inside of the clean litter box will stay dry.

Can I purchase additional litter boxes from you?

Yes, if you need additional litter boxes we are happy to provide them. We don’t reuse or recycle litter boxes for the health and safety of the animals. Clients that purchase a litter box from us always receive a new one.

Will my cat’s litter box ever get mixed up with someone else’s?

No. There will never be a mix-up of litter boxes. All the cleaning is done on site (at your location). We never remove boxes from the site. This ensures a safe and clean environment each and ever time.

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