Greater Montreal

Robert Gaudet – Greater Montreal


I have been in the pet industry since 2010 in pet nutrition so it seemed like a logical progression to get into the Poop Scoop business.  After all, what goes in must come out!  Making sure our clients are always satisfied is always priority number one so the job gets done, rain, snow or shine, freezing cold or on the those blistering hot days.  The Poop Patrol always gets the job done!

I also operate a Multi Menu home deliver service for pet food, treats and accessories.  If you like to try a food sample for your cat or dog, just contact me to arrange for free home delivery!  I also offer promotions so make sure to ask me what is available in your neighbourhood.  Our cat and dog food is made in Quebec from ingredients that come from Canada (except rice form the USA and Lamb from, you guessed it, New Zealand).

Call me for your free estimate for your yard, your litter box service or your commercial grounds.

You can reach me at 514-290-6763 or via email at