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  • Scoopy Doo is not just a Poop Scoop company.  We thrive to give our clients more than they expect with regards to service.  Not only do we offer a backyard cleanup service to  our dog owner clientele, we offer a litter box service to our cat owner client base.  They do not have to worry about cleaniing the litter box or going out to buy and carry a heavy bag of klitty litter home from the store.  We carry the best quality litter in a variety of fragrances.

    We also carry a line of environmentally friendly poop bags and poop composters.  We are not just about picking up poop.  We aim to be a one-stop-shop to help our customers remain environmentally friendly all the while keeping a clean backyard and a clean and smell free home.

    For a very reasonable investment you will have a protected territory, a complete set up to get yourself started, complete training. access to environmentally friendly products,  and continual marketing support.

    Call, email or fill in our online form now to join the Scoopy Doo Poop Patrol!

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