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  • Scoopy Doo provides year-round eco-friendly dog waste removal service with a variety of options based on your needs.  The results are an enjoyable, clean yard, keeping your family and pets safe from diseases.

    Weekly, bi weekly and monthly scooping is available year-round for pet owners who would like the convenience of having their pet waste professionally cleaned up, and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

    We also offer one time cleanings and springtime clean ups.

    All equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each and every job to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination. The veterinary grade disinfectant used is specifically made to eliminate animal related viruses, worms and bacteria.

    Now what are you waiting for?  Fill in our request for service at the bottom of this page, call us or email us to take one more chore off your list of things to do!!


    FAQs about Scoopy Doo’s Backyard Service

    Do I need to be home to receive service?

    You do not need to be at home to receive our services. We will make arrangements for access to your yard, and will ensure that everything is secure when we leave. You can either leave the gate unlocked for us, or provide a combination lock that we can access.

    Can my dog be in the yard while you work?

    Absolutely, unless your dog is apprehensive around strangers, we would welcome the company of your pup.

    Do you clean all year?

    We perform our service year round. Unless there is a major storm, we adhere to your schedule. In the case of extreme weather we will reschedule for the next available day that suits your schedule. As long as your dogs poop, we will clean and scoop.

    How often do you provide scooping services?

    We offer, once and twice per week, as well as monthly. We also offer one-time only and spring-cleaning.

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