Backyard Pricing


* The following schedules are for standard lot size but can be customized to suit your needs.
** Want to try our service without committing for an extended period of time?  Try us out on a short term trial!
# of Dogs => 1 2 3
** Rates – Paid each visit **
Weekly (1visit per week) $13 $17   $22
Bi-Weekly (2 visits per week) $24 $28 $33
Monthly (1 visit per month) $35 $45 $55
Bi-Monthly (2 visits per month) $45 $52 $65

* Love our service and want to save money?  Sign up for our service for a month or longer and save!

Prepay for a 6 month period receive a 10% discount of the listed monthly rate

# of Dogs => 1 2 3
** Monthly Rates – Prepaid Monthly **
Monthly (4 visits) $48 $65   $80
Monthly (8 visits) $82 $101 $121

* This is typically a spring cleanup, the first time cleanup or if your lawn has not been serviced in over a month and requires a lengthier cleanup.

# of Dogs => 1 2 3
1 Time payment $70 $90   $110

Common Questions

  • Do you have setup fees or contracts?

    We do not have any start up fees.  We will schedule a visit to evaluate your yard.  If your yard has not been maintained for an extended period of time, we will advise you that a “Spring Cleanup” or “1st Time cleanup” is necessary. Our prices are listed on the tables above.

    We do not sign contracts.  If you are not satisfied or want to cancel our service at any time, we will refund any unused portion you have prepaid.  If you booked our service using a promotion, this will be taken into account for the refund if the promotion is no longer valid due to a shorter service period.

    If you would like to suspend service anytime, due to vacation or any other reason, just give us advance warning and we will simply add the missed service period to the end of your prepaid period of service.

  • Do you have a Loyalty Program?

    Scoopy Doo loves to reward our loyal customers for referring us to your neighbours, friends and family.  Heck, we will even reward you for referring us to people you don’t even like!  If someone referred by you signs up with Scoopy Doo’s service for a minimum of 1 month, we will add 1 week of service to the end of your service period with us!

    What is your Billing Cycle?

    Scoopy Doo can invoice you weekly or monthly depending on your needs.  We also offer promotionally pricing for those who wish to prepay for extended periods of time.  Please contact your local Franchisee for details!